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Monday, February 05, 2007

Reality Bites

I'm having some issues with my daily meals. Maybe some of you have some solutions for me. Here's the deal:

I don't get home until 6pm. The kids are hungry before that, and my nanny has been feeding them dinner. I didn't ask her to do this, but I have a hard time arguing with it. I can see making Dylan wait until 6:30 to eat, but it's probably hard to do this with Max. What do they eat? Sometimes they get leftovers, but usually it's convenience food. Tonight it was vegetarian corn dog and meatballs, both from Trader Joe's. This is really not anything close to what I would serve.

I was planning on making a pancetta, lentil and greens dish (recipe from Trader Joe's - I swear I'm not on their payroll). But, with both kids fed, I ended up just fending for myself. Michael had oysters at a bar with a friend from his old job.

I feel pathetic. In an ideal world, I'd have all of my meals planned out. I think I'd make them the night before or in the morning. Maybe my nanny could just heat them up for me, and then even if the kids were hungry before we got home, they'd get something homemade and delicious. Does anyone really do this? Is there a way for me to share my frustrations with my nanny without attacking her? I know that she's just trying to help, and I don't think she'd get my frustrations with the dinners she's been serving.

We tried the crockpot thing, and it was mildly successful. But... nothing was AMAZING. And the stuff I cook in the crockpot (with the exception of the carnitas), is kind of soggy and blah.



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