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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Time Management

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I started off this week wondering what I'd cook, and how I'd accomplish everything I needed to get done. I'm ending this week with basically the same level of frustration, but at least some understanding as to why I feel like I'm constantly swimming upstream.

Where the time has gone....

2 hours: On the phone with Comcast and DirecTV, trying to get someone, anyone, to give us television that actually works. Outcome: Failure.

1 hour: Online, looking at sites that tell me how badly Comcast sucks.

1 hour: Brainstorming with Michael on ways to further spread the word about how badly Comcast sucks.

2 hours: Online, trying to find the perfect Elina Fairytopia Mermaidia costume for Dylan. NOT EASY. I think I might have found one, though there is a deluxe version and the regular version. Other than red flowers instead of pink, and a price tag that is $4 higher, I can not understand what makes deluxe so special. Outcome: Moderate Success. I think I'm close.

2 hours: Online, trying to figure out where to have Dylan's birthday party. Outcome: We have a place, I just need to confirm availability.

30 hours: work.

2 hours: Eating cookies and walking around my house in circles thinking about everything I need to do. Outcome: 1 pound heavier (I love me some Mallomars)

1/2 hour: Getting urine sample from my female dog (have you ever tried to do this?) Outcome: Success! Turns out this can be achieved by taping a small tupperware to a ruler and sticking it under her butt as she pees. Fun times, and I feel a bit like MacGuyver.

1 hour: To the vet twice. Once to bring in tupperware of piss. Once to pick up special food to help Friday eliminate the crystals in her urine.

6 hours: Working on new Chicago food blog.

3 hours: Reading other Chicago food blogs and wondering to self why I am starting a new one, since this area seems to be covered pretty damn well.

2 hours: At dentist for family appointments.

1 hour: Playing UNO with Michael and Dylan.

2 hours: On phone with sister-in-law about 20 times, planning out our weekend. She arrives tomorrow morning. Wheee!

Miscellaneous: Chasing kids, doing laundry, making dinner, food shopping, sleeping, taking dog to park, showering.

I'm exhausted.


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