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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Puppy Love

  Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac.

Though she acts like a puppy, Friday is now over eight years old. My 25th birthday present, she is truly a part of our family, mostly because she thinks she's human (as evidenced by this photo).

When I was pregnant with Dylie, I was so worried about how Friday would respond to the baby. I read books, I researched online, I tried to teach her to stay off the bed, I brought her one of Dylan's onesies from the hospital...

I had nothing to worry about. Friday just adores the kids, even when they are clearly driving her crazy. She has always been super tolerant of Dylan. And now, she is tolerant of crazy man Max. She lets him crawl into her crate. She lets him steal her food. She lets both kids lay on top of her. She is honestly the sweetest dog I could have ever asked for.

Friday has been sick ever since we moved with some sort of kidney/urinary problem. We've tried treating it with antibiotics and then with a special food, but she is still not feeling right. Today I'll call the vet to schedule some more tests for her. I worry, because with each treatment we try, the actual cause of her problems becomes more serious. The vet is trying to rule out the easy fixes first.

This Love Thursday, I ask everyone to send some positive thoughts Fri Fri's way.


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