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Thursday, October 26, 2006


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The other day, I had Dylan's Parent/Teacher conference. We were talking about Dylan's unque attributes; her leadership, her sensitivity, her need to be busy at all times...

I asked her teacher if she had noticed some strange stories coming from Dylan. She hadn't, and was a bit confused by my question. I had to give some background. Michael and his dad have a thing for teasing people. Specifically, they make up crazy stories in an effort to trick others into believing them. I think the best one his dad ever got me on was a couple of months ago. He is slightly narcoleptic, so the story was believable. He told me that while watching Max, he fell asleep. The next thing he knew, Max had crawled all the way upstairs. I believed him, and I was appalled. I vowed never to let him watch the kids on his own ever again. He was teasing, of course. Max DID climb up those stairs, but his Poppy was behind him every step of the way.

Dylan has inherited this love of teasing, but because she is still so young, she hasn't quite caught on to the difference between teasing and lying. She also has yet to realize that with the tease, you eventually let the teasee in on the joke.

The other day, she came home from school beaming. She said, "Mom, I did the BEST tease at school today."
"Oh yeah? What was it?"
"I told all my friends that when I'm in a time out, I get ice cream."

She started chuckling.

"You DID?? Did you tell them you were just teasing?"
"No! They all believed me too!!"

Like father, like son. Like father, like daughter. And so it moves on through the generations. Gotta love it.

Happy Love Thursday everyone.


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