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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Dream Dinners Responds!

Longtime readers will remember my Dream Dinners saga. Well, lately, I've noticed quite a bit of traffic coming to the site and reading those pages, and I became a bit curious. Turns out, some Dream Dinners franchise owners and/or employees have been reading through my account and getting upset. One of these women emailed me, and has given me permission to reprint her email in its entirety, provided I keep her anonymous:

I just have to say a few things in response to your comments on Dream

First of all, contrary to what you said, Dream Dinners has a contract
nationwide with Sysco, so the product you get at one DD will be the same you
get at another.  All of our ingredients are specified.  And no, we don't use
"Sysco" brand salsa... we use Casa Solana.

Perhaps had you left the dumplings in a little longer they would not have
been so doughy.  "Note the raw, oozing biscuit dough (I cooked the time
suggested)"..... that's just it, SUGGESTED.  Every oven is different. 
Enough said.

However I do find it ironic that you had time to photograph and document
every dinner that you ate, but then complained that it took you an hour and
a half to prepare one of the meals.

Dream Dinners has an executive chef that develops recipes and specifically
tests them through the freezing process.  Not everyone has the same tastes
and we never expected or said that Dream Dinners is for everyone.  It's
impossible to please everyone.  Dream Dinners mission is simple: to get
families back around the dinner table.  And we do just that.

I realize that Dream Dinners is not for everyone. I also realize that my tastes are different than others, and that I have particularly high expectations when it comes to my meals. However, I do really love the concept of Dream Dinners. It's nice to learn how to prepare things in advance, and I loved the night out with my friends. I just was hoping for better quality ingredients (real cream vs. cream soup and fresh herbs vs. dried), and so I was disappointed. I also was surprised at the amount of time it took to heat everything up. Taking time out of my meal to photograph something is a bit different than entertaining two kids while they are waiting for their meal to appear on the table. As any mom could tell you, once the dinner is served, there is definitely some free time available for photography. Regarding the documentation, that got done after the kids were asleep.

If any other Dream Dinners employee or owner wants to weigh in, please do. I'm happy to give you online real estate to defend your company. And as I emailed to the above woman, I just post my opinion - I don't make any claims that it's more than that.


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