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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What? You want me to post?

Haaaa! I now have a ton of great Dear Foodmomiac questions, but zero brain cells available to work on them. I have a feeling there will be no great food content on this site until after our move. Why? Where are my brain cells?

- Handling child care. My friend offered to watch the kids this week and next, albeit part time. Yesterday while watching them, she tripped over my kitchen stool and pulled a ligament. I had to call another babysitter, who is probably a serial killer. She is coming tomorrow. Unless she gets abducted by aliens. Which might very well happen, given my track record.

- Handling the move. We decided to rent the duplex I mentioned the other night. Sight unseen. We are moving in one week from Friday. Yes, I am freaking out. No, I have made zero preparations. Did I mention that it is less than half the size of our current house? That's not even counting our garage which is crammed full of junk. We have movers coming in a week to pack. By then I need to know what I'm keeping, what I'm giving away, what I'm throwing away, what I'm putting into storage in Chicago, and what's going to our new house. ACK!

- Figuring out when I'm going to go see the new place. I think I need to go this week. Maybe Friday? I think I need measurements, so I can plan out our furniture situation. I have no idea which couches will fit, etc.

- Getting actual work done. I went back to part time this week, but I still feel like I need to be working all the time.

- Assuaging Dylie's fears. She seems pretty shaken up about the move. She won't talk about her feelings, but she's had a few potty accidents and just seems kind of on edge. She's just not being herself. I scheduled two play dates this week to try to help her snap out of it. I've shown her pictures of the new house, pictures of her new school. I've told her that Daddy and I are nervous and excited too. Any other suggestions?

We are now off to Max's one-year well check with our cute Doogie Howser doctor.


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