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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Goodbye Toledo

Buildings Downtown
Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac.
Our house is almost completely packed (the movers will be done by 3pm tomorrow), and we'll be in our new home by the weekend. I've wanted to leave this house for so long, but now that it's happening, I'm kind of numb.

When I was 14, Grandma Ana took me on a belated Bat Mitzvah trip to Western Canada (the original plan was France, but Qaddafi was terrorizing the world so we decided to stay on this continent). This was my first big adventure, and my excitement was overwhelming. I was so excited that I thought the trip wouldn't happen. I remember locking my bedroom windows, because I was sure I would be kidnapped before the trip could happen. I was positive that I would be killed, kidnapped, maimed, etc. None of the above happened, thank goodness, and I had my first adventure. It really happened.

That's how I feel now. I've wanted to leave for so long. I've wanted to be somewhere new, somewhere exciting, for so long. I can't believe that it will really happen. I can't comprehend the fact that I will be living in a city with amenities. That I will be able to walk to Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, small local coffee shop (or Starbucks), the library, a cute frozen custard joint, a breakfast joint, the bar, or over to one of the many neighborhood parks. Will this really be my life? It's so different from my current reality.

And, as I try to comprehend this new reality, I say goodbye to Toledo. I say goodbye to:

- gorgeous dilapidated buildings that can take your breath away when the light hits them just right
- enjoying a Mud Hens game at Fifth Third field, an absolutely amazing place to take in a baseball game
- Americanized ethnic eateries like The Beirut, Tony Packo's and Inky's Pizza
- having grandparents less than 10 minutes away
- mullet-spotting - I know there are mullets everywhere, but we have some real doozies in Toledo
- the fabulous ladies of Bunco, though they have promised to come visit for a weekend of shopping and eating in early November
- soft-serve ice cream stands with names like Fritzie Freeze, Toozer's, Sparky's, Mr. Freeze and Jim Dandy
- serving beer at the German-American festival every August
- our favorite bartender, Scott at Real Seafood
- walking around our neighborhood and saying hi to friends on their porches
- this house - it might seem strange to hear me say that, because we've wanted out for so long, but so many wonderful things happened in this house. We had both kids while living here, and for that alone, this house will always hold a special place in my heart.

Goodbye Toledo.


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