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Monday, July 24, 2006

On My Mind

I have so many random things on my mind. Seems like a good time for a bulleted list, eh?

  • Dylan is VERY into co-sleeping lately. I totally blame Michael for this. We don't have central air, and her room gets very hot during the summer. Last year we paid our friend and neighbor Jeff (this guy, actually) to fix the giant window in her room (so that it would open). We did this so that we could put in a window unit, which we did last summer. This year, Michael hasn't brought it up from the basement. Apparently it is very heavy. And very annoying. And he then needs to get wood to put on either side of it because the window is so wide. It's a one hour project at least, and to be honest, I think he likes having her sleep with us, so he keeps making excuses. When it's really hot out, she ends up in our room because it's the only room with AC. (Max's room stays relatively cool b/c it faces North, and has a ceiling fan.) It is now 10:30, and I've been trying to get her to go to sleep for almost two hours. She will not stop talking and moving. I have screamed twice. Fun times.
  • I have no digital camera. Since Dylan dropped mine in my beer, we haven't had a camera to call our own. We borrowed my dad's for a couple of weeks, but we had to return it eventually, and I haven't been able to bring myself to get a new one. The one she submerged KIND of works. It is very sticky and just kind of wonky. You have to hold down each button for about five seconds to get anything to happen. My boss told me to take it apart and clean it with denatured alcohol. There are two problems with this: I don't know how to take it apart and I have no idea where one would purchase denatured alcohol. But, anyway, with a half-working camera, I don't quite have the heart to get a brand new one. But this means no photos of dinner, no photos at BlogHer. I'm so annoyed about this.

OK, enough with the bitching. Here are some less negative bullets:

  • I can not stop thinking about tattoos lately. This is certainly due to my current obsession with Miami Ink. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that show. I want to get my tattoo fixed at that shop now, and I'm just about ready to submit my request to TLC. The tattoo I have is on my right shoulder blade. I got it when I was 18. It was originally a lobster. Silly, 18-year-old me thought it was a red scorpion. So... when I was 20, I got it "fixed" in an attempt to make it more scorpion-like. It is now a black lobster with abnormally large claws. And, because it is so small (this is something I learned on Miami Ink), it has kind of turned into a little black blob. The detail has almost completely disappeared. The thing is, though, I have this strange attachment to my little black lobster blob. It reminds me of my silly, naive 18-year-old self. What I want to do is get a tattoo that incorporates my black lobster, but is very well done, more representative of me, and is much more stunning. I'd like it to be quite big. Like, maybe four inches tall? (At this point, Mary (kyoot) is having a virtual heart attack.) I finally figured out what to do while I was in NY. I was going through one of the boxes of cookbooks that my mom packed for me from my Grandma Ana's apartment, and I found this little promotional cookbook all about freezing food. On one of the intro pages, there was this great retro illustration of a woman in a cute little outfit holding a tray of food. Eureka! I can do something like this, and put the lobster ON THE TRAY!! Yet, the woman wasn't quite right. She looked a little too fifties, and not quite sexy enough for what I'm trying to accomplish. I did some searching online, and I think I found a better woman. What I want to do is go to Kat Von D at Miami Ink and have her draw something from scratch for me based on these pictures.
  • Knitting!! I went to a new knitting store today, and it was wonderful. It was huge! I sat down with the woman there and we found a very cute pattern for a Dylan sweater. It has the sweetest flared bottom and sleeves with a ruffled edge. I knit a square tonight to check my gauge, though, and I'm knitting pretty loosely (which I wouldn't have guessed). I'll have to stop back tomorrow on my way home from work to pick up some smaller needles. I also need to pick up little scissors that can be brought onto an airplane. My stepmother told me that they have those. I had no idea...

Update: It is 10:47, and Dylan is out like a light. Sheesh.


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