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Friday, July 21, 2006

Goin' to BlogHer (with my BlogHim)

It seems like all I'm reading today (on my blogs) are details of what everyone has done to get ready for BlogHer. I'm getting worried that I don't have anything to wear, but I did get a haircut scheduled for tomorrow. After reading about Mir's shiny, sexy new 'do, I made an IMMEDIATE call to the Beauty Bar.

I'm leaving Thursday morning, and though Michael is going as well (GM is a sponsor), we are taking separate flights. We both booked our flights through corporate travel agents, and he is on nonstop flights to San Francisco. I'm on a flight to San Jose with a two hour layover in Phoenix, and I am thrilled. I will be able to knit. And read. And listen to my iPod. All by myself. With no one talking to me. LOVE IT. I'm hoping I get my knitting pattern book in time, because I'd love to pick up the yarn for a Dylan sweater before I go. I like working on more than one knitting project at a time and because I finished Michael's scarf in NY, I have only my giant, endless wrap to work on. I promised Dylie I'd make her a hoodie. I'm excited to actually make a garment. My wrap doesn't really count, and prior to that I've only made scarves (and one weird square hat. yes, square).

I'm so very excited and nervous to meet all of the bloggers that I read every day. I can't wait for Thursday to be here!


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