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Friday, June 09, 2006

Why I Love High School Musical

Dylan is officially obsessed with High School Musical. Yes, this show is way over her head, but she LOVES it. She loves the music, she loves the dancing, and God help me, I think she loves Troy, the cute lead guy in it.

We have listened to the soundtrack about a gazillion times, and she watches the movie every chance she gets. Tonight, I was watching it with her before she went to bed, and she was asking me a ton of questions.

    "Why does he like her?" "Why is Sharpay mean to Gabriella?" "Who is getting the part in the play?" "Why does he have hair in his armpit?"
Why Why Why

I was about to lose my mind.

And then the following question popped out of Dylie's mouth: "What is 16 over Pi?" *

I love High School Musical!

* For those not in the know, Gabriella, the main girl in the movie is a contestant in a scholastic decathalon. I guess the above equation is one of the things that they discuss while practicing for the main event. Try explaining what Pi means to a four-year-old. Good times.

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