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Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Remember what it was like when you first started using the Internet? I first started surfing in 1995. I would sit at my desk in my little college townhouse with a book in my lap. I'd type in a URL and then read a bit of my book. The page would slowly download. I'd then click a link, and continue on with my book. Fun times.

And, guess what?? I got to re-live those good 'ol days ALL DAY TODAY!!! The slowness of my DSL connection was beyond comprehension. I finally got help from a tech support worker named Paige. She had the cutest accent and was so helpful and sincere. She was truly sorry for my plight! She understood that a slow connection was a PLIGHT. She felt my pain. We did this really cool thing called a speed test, and it showed that my connection speed was SLOWER THAN DIAL-UP. It showed that it would take 19 minutes to download an MP3!!! While I was dismayed by these results, I felt strangely triumphant. I was vindicated. Paige was horrified! She felt terrible! She immediately pinged "the maintenance team."

And, just a short 20 minutes later, my connection is zooming, my flashback has ended, and all is well in the world.

The good part of all this? I actually read a book for a while. I miss doing that. I also waxed my own legs. It's amazing the activities one comes up with when faced with no Internet. Amazing, I say.


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