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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Designed to Sell - Yeah RIGHT.

My realtor pissed me the hell off yesterday. We were talking about the benefits of staging, and she started giving me some feedback on the state of my house.  Apparently, my "shoe corner" is the scourge of the earth and must go away. My shoe corner! It's just a corner! With shoes! We enter our house through the side door, and remove our shoes right away. They go into the shoe corner. Don't diss the shoe corner.

She also commented on my cluttered kitchen counters. Now, let me state that the last time she visited the house, I was making calzones. This involved a food processor, homemade dough, lots of flour, sausage in the saute pan, a bowl of ricotta, etc. etc. etc. OF COURSE MY COUNTERTOP WAS CLUTTERED!!! I know that my house needs to be clutter-free and sterile when people come to see it. I know this! This is why 130 of my 150 cookbooks have been packed away for over 18 months. This is why none of my photos are displayed on my mantel. Do I really need to stop cooking too? Can't I just clean up the kitchen before a showing? What the hell?  And can I just say, this isn't TV. I'm not going to declutter my countertop one day and then sell the house the next. Am I really supposed to keep packing my life away with no promise of when it will be returned to me?

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