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Monday, April 03, 2006

XM Kids or Acid Trip?

We are an XM family. My vehicle has XM radio, so, unless I whip out the iPod, it is all XM, all the time. The only time I listen to local radio is Sunday at 12 noon, when Splendid Table is on NPR, and if there is a Tornado watch, and I'm listening for news of impending doom.

In the morning, when I'm carpooling, we always have XM Kids playing. This might sound like it would suck, but honestly, it's pretty good. The morning dj, Kenny, is funny and not at all cloying, and his cast of characters (including our favorite, Dirk, the fourth and forgotten chipmunk) are very entertaining. One of the coolest things about this show is that it is basically requests-only. Little kids (mostly 5-7) call in and request their favorites. A few have their parents send in an email, which I've done myself a time or two.

The requests are generally predictable, with lots of Star Wars songs, a ton of Crazy Frog, and TV music such as Kim Possible, Teen Titans and lately High School Musical. So, I was very unprepared for this morning's strange music sequence:

- Puff the Magic Dragon by Peter, Paul and Mary
- Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr.

Freaky, freaky, freaky.

A side note: Dylan and I love coming up with music mixes comprised of songs we hear on XM Kids. For some more fun talk of music and kids, check out Asha's latest project over at Parent Hacks.


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