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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Reynolds Fun Shapes

  Gatorade Jiggler 
  Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac.

My first blog-related freebies! Reynolds sent me three boxes of their new Fun Shapes and asked me to review them for the blog. This occurrence happened to coincide with Dylan's stomach virus, so I decided to play around a bit with the Jello Jigglers recipe provided on the Fun Shapes box.

I needed to replace her fluids, so watered-down Gatorade was on the menu. I figured that Jello-style Gatorade would be more fun, so the experiment began! While I heated up a cup and a half of Gatorade in a saucepan, I poured two packets of unflavored gelatin over a half cup of cold water. When the Gatorade was hot, I poured it over the cold water / gelatine mixture, combined it all well, and then poured it into the shapes. Three hours later, we had Gatorade Jigglers! Dylan loved 'em.

The Fun Shapes were great. They were a bit flimsier than I expected (they are not much thicker than a piece of foil), but they did the job, and Dylan thought they were SUPER cool. We have a bunch left over, and she wants to make cookies, brownies and some other treats. The Fun Shapes website has some neat recipes.


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