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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Madly and Desperately in Love

DysonMeet the object of my affection; The Dyson.

Despite my fine taste in cleaning music, I am a horrible, horrible housekeeper. I live in a somewhat permanent state of dust and clutter, and though I wish I could be different, I've been this way forever, so I just do the best I can.

But, BUT!!! Oh man. This Dyson. Sigh.

My mother-in-law got it for Christmas from her boyfriend, and since she is on vacation this week, I snuck into her apartment and borrowed it for a day or two. I have been trying to vacuum my house more frequently now that Max is crawling, and I noticed that no matter how many times I went over my living room rug with my Oreck, there was still a ton of dog hair.

Oh baby. I went over that rug with the Dyson, and it is spotless. And you should have SEEN the dirt in the receptacle. CRAZY. But then, I went up to the bedroom. And I vacuumed the rug in there. Oh. My. God. We filled the ENTIRE receptacle with dirt from this one rug. Michael and I were speechless. I must have one of these machines. 1. I am sure that I will become absolutely addicted to vacuuming, and, 2. Michael and I both agreed that vacuuming (and watching the vacuuming) was an almost erotic experience. This thing is THAT powerful.

Anyone want to buy me one?

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