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Sunday, April 09, 2006

I hate large plastic items


As you are all sick of hearing by now, I am in the process of cleaning out my house for our garage sale and move. We will be eliminating at least 2000 square feet, so the task is rather large.

Today I began work on the playroom. It is very likely that our new home will not have a playroom. We will be lucky to have a nook for an office. So, as I sort through Dylan’s toys, it is the big items that I am looking to eliminate. She has a plastic desk that my dad and step mom got her that has been added to the garage sale pile. It’s plastic, it’s small, it doesn’t have much room for storage, and she has a lovely wood table that suits her artistic needs perfectly.

We are also getting rid of her giant plastic kitchen. This thing is HUGE. She hasn’t played with it in over a year, so she’s not too upset about losing it. I’d keep it for Max, but as I said, it’s enormous. Given the love of food around here, I do love having a play kitchen for the kids. And, I’d like Max to have one when he gets a little older. I think I found the solution last week. Check out this awesome kitchen by Via Toy Box. I read about it on Baby Gadget. One of the things I love about this (in addition to the fact that the colors are customizable, it’s modular and it is wood, not plastic) is that it converts to a storage box when the kids no longer want to use it as a kitchen.


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