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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Huitlacoche - i finally tried it

200pxhuitlacocheI've read quite a bit about Huitlacoche. This corn fungus is considered a blight by most US farmers, but is a delicacy in Mexico. In recent years, however, it has made headway into US restaurants. Not in Toleod, however.

But, luckily, I'm in Chicago tonight! I'm here on a quick business trip. We are attending the Kitchen and Bath Show tomorrow. Today was filled with eating, drinking, shopping, and walking in the delightful spring sun. This is an awesome city.

Where was I? Oh yes, fungus. The client we wined and dined tonight is a huge fan of Mexican food, so we thought it would be fun to take him someplace very authentic. We went to Salpicon. I was very impressed.

The huitlacoche, though, wasn't as mindblowing as I expected. From the descriptions I've read, I was expecting something more like a truffle. I wanted muskiness and richness and that sexy earthlike flavor. What I got was something with a light vegetal flavor. It was tasty, but more like eggplant than like truffle.

Photo courtesty of Wikipedia.

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