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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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I didn't have brats (bratwurst) growing up on Long Island. Kosher franks, yes. Brats, never heard of 'em. They are very popular here in the midwest though, but when I first moved here, I didn't like them.

It was at a Bunco party that my opinion of brats was altered. God, were those good. I can still taste them. The secret is to first boil them in beer. An easy way to do this is in a crockpot, on low all day. Yesterday, though, we didn't think ahead, so we did a quick boil on the stove. Once boiled, the brats need to be seared, either on a hot grill or in a cast iron skillet. Last night we chose the grill, which added a lovely charred flavor. The brats get topped with green peppers and onions. These can either be cooked in the beer along with the brats or in a skillet alongside. Either way, they are awesome. You'll notice that the bun isn't toasted. I think these taste best on a soft bun that soaks up the juices.

We ate the brats with leftover potato salad from Easter.

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