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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I'm kind of strange when it comes to routines. Some (you know who you are, Mr. Some) have told me that I have none, and could stand to incorporate them into my life. However, in reality, I do have quite a few routines. I just think that my flexible nature helps me bend them when necessary. That said, I worry that I don't have enough routine in my life. And that if I had a bit more, my life would be less chaotic and more enjoyable.

My dad has minor OCD (though my stepmom would probably classify it as major OCD). He is the KING of routine. He'll get off the phone with me at 9pm because it is time to walk the dog. He goes food shopping every Saturday morning. He is a regular at multiple restaurants and is upset if he gets a different waitress at one of those restaurants. He eats the same breakfast every day (an absolutely insane combination of dry cereals in a special bowl with just a splash of milk. oh, and he has to have berries in it, and it takes him about 10 minutes to cut his strawberries, because he has to remove the stem and core PERFECTLY.) I think my concern about my lack of routine is a result of growing up with my dad. There is no way I will ever have as routinized a life as him. And I will always aspire to it! (well, maybe not to be exactly like him - I once folded some shirts for him and he refolded all of them.) (shit, right after I wrote that I realized that I do the same thing when my sister-in-law does folding for me - she will actually fold my shirts inside-out, and it really annoys me.)

Here are some of my routines:

1. I make my coffee at night, before I go to bed. This is the ONLY thing (well, aside from my children) that gets me out of bed at a decent time in the morning. Knowing that I have hot coffee waiting for me downstairs is key to a good start to my day.
2. I try to get all dinner dishes washed before I go to bed. Actually, my new thing is to try to get them washed before I go upstairs and get the kids to bed. I hate dishes. The sooner they are done, the better.
3. My new gym routine is kind of fun. I go every weekday at 12.

Here are routines I need to add or get better at doing on a regular basis:

1. Laundry. Now that I don't stay home on Wednesdays, I don't have a laundry day. And, I'm just TERRIBLE at finishing my laundry. Often it goes into the washer and then sits a day. Goes into the dryer and then sits a day. Gets folded and then sits in the basket for a week. I suck at laundry.
2. Filing. Filing sucks worse than laundry. I have papers everywhere. I don't like opening mail. I don't like sorting mail. I don't like paying bills. Blech to all of that.
3. Bathing my children. I think I need to do this more often. I think that the stamps that Dylan gets on her hand at school for completing various tasks (like French class) are really a way of testing me. They want proof that she is bathed. (pssst... sometimes I just scrub her stamp off with a washcloth so they think I bathed her on a night when I am actually too tired to deal with a bath.) (double pssst... sometimes the stamp doesn't even come off when I DO bathe her, and then I scrub extra hard, so they really DO know that I bathed her. Becuase that would SUCK if I went to the effort of bathing her and no one even noticed!!)
4. Making lunch. I really should make dylan's lunch at night. Making it in the morning while rushing around trying to get ready SUCKS.
5. Menu and meal planning. I always intend to do this. (see my first post ever for proof of this intent.) I rarely do it though. Maybe I'll try again. ha.

What routines do you guys have? What routines do you wish you had?


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