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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Messy Eaters

We go out to eat quite a bit, especially when Michael is around. And now that Max is big enough to sit in a highchair, he has become a messy kid, just like his sister!

When Dylie was seven months old, our dog, Friday, suddenly gained five pounds. It was all from dropped Cheerios! And it's happening all over again. The dog is beside herself with joy, and we have once again become the scourge of the local restaurants.

Michael came to town tonight and we headed out to one of our favorite pizza joints. Max settled down happily in his highchair, and soon enough, the floor around him was littered with Cheerios. Tonight, Dylie was happy to clean them up for us, snatching up every one of them in a display of OCD that would have made my dad proud. But, what if she were busy with something else? What's protocol in this situation? My friend Yaelle tends to leave the mess that her kid makes, and she compensates by leaving a larger than usual tip. Her reasoning is that the restaurant staff are better equipped to clean the mess, and that by increasing the tip, it's a win-win situation.

When we had Dylan only, I did my best to clean up after her. Leaving a mess embarrassed me. Now, though, with two kids on my hands, it's not always convenient to get on the floor and gather up small bits of food. What do you guys think? Should I switch to the Yaelle method?


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