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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


All of those with very short hair will know that hair grows like mad when you have a very short cut. I needed a trim a couple of weeks ago, but due to my busy life, I kept putting it off. My hair just got more and more insane, and I finally went in for my cut tonight.

I like to bring a photo with me to help show the stylist what I want. And tonight, what I wanted was a hairstyle that I saw on The L Word. Unfortunately, the style I want is on the head of Alex Hedison (Ellen DeGeneres' ex-girlfriend). The reason this is unfortunate is because she is a guest star, so there are no good photos of her up on the official Showtime site. I was forced to troll around on weird fan sites. Which brought me to the following photo. A photo that was probably one of the most unique photos ever brought in as a guide for a hair stylist. Voila.

My hair looks awesome. I love it.


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