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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dream Dinners - Pork Burritos - Edible!!

  Dream Dinners - Pork Burritos - Edible!! 
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Wow, edible Dream Dinners two nights in a row! Be still my beating heart.

The best part about this one was the fact that it was ready in less than 20 minutes. That's what I call convenience. I'll probably make my own version of this in the future.

Here's the scoop: shredded pork, corn, black beans and salsa were combined and frozen in a bag. We were also provided with salsa cream sauce (salsa and sour cream) and some scary looking flour tortillas.

The first thing I did was toss the flour tortillas in the trash. Toledo has a nice-sized Mexican population, so I can always find good quality corn tortillas at the market. I refuse to eat trans fat laden craptillas when I can have the real thing. The second thing I did was slice up a perfectly ripe avocado. From past Dream Dinners experience, I realized that the avocado might be the only good point of the meal. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of it!

The pork got reheated in a saucepan and the tortillas were warmed in a skillet. And the meal was ready! In the future, I'd use less salsa in favor of adding my own (higher quality) salsa the night of the meal. The pork was a little bit sweet, probably a result of corn syrup in the Sysco-brand salsa. I'd also use plain sour cream. The version they provided was a bit odd, likely because it had been frozen.

Dylan ate her whole serving of meat, but didn't like the tortilla. When she saw me pull out the telltale plastic bag, she protested, "No more Dream Dinners!", but I told her we had to, and she was a good sport. After tasting the pork, she asked me if it was really a Dream Dinner, because she actually liked it! I love my little gourmet girl. She's so well trained.

P.S. Sorry for the blurry photo! I had a haircut appointment after dinner, and was rushing. I LOVE my haircut, by the way. I'll post the story of that in a separate post so as not to clutter up my ever-growing Dream Dinners chronicle.

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