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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dream Dinners - My Report

Last night was the Dream Dinners party. I haven't tasted any of the food yet (except for a small sample of one of the dishes that they cooked up for us), so this report is incomplete, but I can certainly comment on the experience.

First, I'm glad I brought my iPod! They were playing bad pop music when we arrived, so I plugged in my speakers and started playing some fun music. Sorry, Sam - no K.D. Lang. We did a little Black Eyed Peas, some old school Michael Jackson, Jay-Z, and then mellowed out towards the end of the evening with Jack Johnson.

Second, I'm glad we brought booze! Here we are enjoying it (that's me in the middle - I think I looked 12 last night, for some reason):


OK, the process is as follows: the various dishes are spread out around the room at stations. You can go in any order you like. Each time you switch to a new station, you are supposed to wash your hands and put on a new pair of gloves. After the 3rd hand washing, my knuckles started to bleed, so I just did the glove thing. (shhh. don't tell) Here is Jessica wearing the gloves:


The recipes were fairly easy to follow, and we all loved the implements. They had those awesome OXO liquid measuring cups that you read from the top down, and great scoops for dry measurements. We also were fond of the cute long-handled measuring spoons. Finished meals are placed in freezer bags or foil tins, labeled with cooking directions, and placed in a large fridge unit. Here are some shots of the group at work:




One of the things I appreciated most was the fact that most of the dishes could be split in two. I made 12 dishes, and was able to split all but three in half, so for my $206, I got 21 meals that will all yield leftovers! My only complaint is with the quality of the ingredients. No one else complained about this, but I'm picky. I'm sure Dylan will be thrilled, but two of the dishes had Campbell's soup, which is not something I usually use when I cook. There was also pre-ground black pepper (never use), liquid egg substitute (never use), cooking spray (never use), etc. Again, I'm picky. No one else complained. Dylan will LOVE all of these dishes. They are all ready to go in my freezer, which is AWESOME. If they taste good, I'll likely go again - it's nice to have stuff ready for those really crazy nights. And, look how much food it was!:



We'll absolutely eat a couple of the dishes next week, so I will report back.


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