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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dream Dinners Chicken Tetrazzini - Not Awful

  Dream Dinners Chicken Tetrazzini 
  Originally uploaded by Foodmomiac.

Finally, an edible Dream Dinner. No, not photogenic. But edible. Which is a start.

Sadly, this is also the dinner that takes the longest to prepare. I started cooking at 5:30 and ate at 7. First, I had to make the spaghetti (I broke it in half to make the final product easier to eat). Then, I mixed the cooked spaghetti with the sauce, dumped it in a baking dish, covered it with bread crubs and baked it. 30 minutes covered, 20 minutes uncovered.

The sauce wasn't fancy. It consisted of Cream of Mushroom soup, chopped chicken, broccoli, red pepper, artichoke hearts and WAY too many stale dried herbs. But, it all tasted fine. The chicken wasn't spongy like the cutlets, and I liked the crust formed by the Panko bread crumbs.

Tomorrow night is Dream Dinners Pork Burritos. I'm a little leary.

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