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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Baby Food - What I'm Thinking These Days

Max loves eating. I started him on solids at about 4.5 months, just like I did with Dylie (yes, this is earlier than a lot of breastfeeding moms start solids. no, i don't care). WIth Dylie, she ate mostly homemade food that I cooked, pureed and froze in ice cube trays. I had way more time then. In the interest of my sanity, I decided that Max would eat the jarred stuff. Organic jarred stuff, but jarred stuff nonetheless.

Well, let me say. That stuff is frickin' expensive. And, the kid eats like a horse. A few weeks ago, Amalah wrote about baby food here. And linked to this awesome article here. Which basically says to feed your baby flavorful foods, just like those that you are eating, but just mushed up. And, I really like that article. Because it's true - I mean, rice cereal and banana are TOTALLY constipating, and taste very bland, and I'm sure that they are the cause behind all of these cranky, constipated, picky eaters running around, and really, I don't want my kids to end up that way.

So, after I read that article, we headed out to Kotobuki for dinner, and I didn't really know what to give Max, b/c it's kind of hard to mush up sushi, so I put soy sauce in his peas, and I gave him mushed up tofu from my miso soup. He liked it all. But, I'm still buying jarred food. Because, I just can't bring myself to feed him everything we eat. Like, take tonight for example. Dyl and I are having Dream Dinners Mexi-Meatballs (yes, I am VERY VERY afraid). He can't eat that! Can he? No, he can't. Well, first they have egg whites in them I think. Which you can't give babies under the age of 1. Second, it just seems weird to give him Mexican meatballs. So, I'm a total hypocrite, b/c I've been telling everyone about this damn article, yet I feed Max jarred food every day.

Anyone have any input here??

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