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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Kitchen Tool of the Week - Potato Ricer


I love my Potato Ricer. I love it so much that for this week, "Ingredient of the Week" has turned into "Kitchen Tool of the Week." You can get new Potato Ricers at any kitchen supply store, but I found mine (for $5) at a yard sale in Vermont about 10 years ago. It works perfectly, so I haven't seen any need to upgrade, but I'm sure the new ones work just as well.

Potato ricers make the fluffiest mashed potatoes imaginable. Tonight, Dylan peeled a few Russets and we boiled them until they were tender. I then drained them in a colander, and pressed them through my ricer back into the pot. Don't they look just like rice?


To turn riced potatoes into mashed potatoes, you just add some liquid. I added half a stick of butter and some skim milk. I also added salt.

The mashed potatoes were accompanied by Peppered Maple Turkey Breast. This turned out very well and was incredibly easy. Leftovers will make an awesome sandwich tomorrow for either myself or Dylan. I would have had leftovers for both of us, but my father-in-law joined us for dinner. I was glad - I'll take company over leftovers any time. 

Here is a photo of the plated dinner:


Yes, we had peas once again. Dylan pulled them out of the freezer, and I didn't dare argue with a four-year-old who is actually requesting a vegetable.

Lauren said she wanted to see what I would make with squash, beets and goat cheese. Stay tuned for tomorrow night's dinner to find out!

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