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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ingredient of the Week - Salt-Packed Capers

I love salt-packed capers. These are heads and tails above the usual brine-packed variety. They are bigger, plumper and tastier. Also, it is easier to control the salt on these - if you soak them before using, the saltiness is greatly diminished, leaving just a wonderful caper-y flavor.

Tonight I used these to make braised broccoli. I sauteed broccoli in olive oil with some freshly ground black pepper until it got slightly browned and tender. Then, I added a healthy splash of chicken broth, minced garlic, and chopped capers. I covered it and turned down the heat until it was done - maybe 10-15 minutes.

We had the broccoli tossed with some angel hair pasta and sauteed scallops and then topped with freshly grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Dylan said, "This is GOOD!" She had three bowls and wants the rest for lunch tomorrow in her thermos.


On the parenting front, Dylan was super jiggy tonight. She would not stop wiggling and scootching and making messes and opening drawers and climbing furniture, etc. etc. I finally gave her a long hot bath and she calmed down a BIT. She asked me to put in one of Max's Baby Einstein DVDs, so I complied. As the movie begins, there is voice-over. Here was Dylan's response to the voice-over:

"They said enjoy the show, but I'm not enjoying it."

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