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Monday, December 05, 2005

Pork Redux

Dylan has Kids Yoga on Mondays, so we don't get home until almost 5:30. I was glad that I had dinner already planned! As soon as we got home, I threw some water on to boil and pulled out some vermicelli. While the water came up to a boil, I chopped up some broccoli and cauliflower and threw it into my wok with some canola oil.

After I added the pasta to the water, I put leftover peas, leftover sliced pork and some sesame oil into the wok with the other veggies. I made a vinegary sesame dressing and put it aside. Once the pasta was cooked, I placed it in my large pasta bowl and tossed it with the dressing. I threw a healthy chug of Marinade Bay Korean Sesame (amazing stuff!) into the wok. Once the pork and veggies were heated through, I added those to the pasta and mixed to combine. It was tasty, but not too attractive (thus no photo).

It was a low stress, low cost night of cooking, with everything done and cleaned up just an hour after we arrived home.

On another note, Michael is here tonight because a friend of his is in town. Dylan seemed really happy to have him around! I can almost pretend that he's still living here - we are getting along well. Of course, it's pretty easy to get along well without all of the pressure of actually living together. 

Tomorrow night is beef stroganoff. I'll need to remember to eat lightly for lunch.


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« Here we go... | Main | Well, the salad was tasty... »


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