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08 February 2010

Friday Night Family Dinner: Goose Island Brewing Co

at Goose Island

Our quest to stay on a more reasonable budget in 2010 has definitely bit into our ability to eat out multiple times a week, but one thing we haven't had to give up is our Friday night out with the kids. I've written about our love of Chicago Brauhaus for Friday night meals, but we actually haven't been there in a while. Our new favorite Friday night joint is Goose Island Brewing Company.

Goose Island is awesome for a number of reasons. We've always loved their beer, and when we'd visit a year or so ago, we found that they had decent bar food. Good wings, good burgers. Decent. A few months ago, the menu was dramatically overhauled and it is now way more than decent. There is a big focus on local farmers and seasonal ingredients and it's no secret that those two things make my heart sing.

The kids menu is a verbal one only, so be sure to ask the server. Our kids are creatures of habit, though, so we don't even bother. Max always gets the kids Fish and Chips, made with walleye and served in a newspaper lined cone, just like in England. Dyl prefers to play it old school bar food, and gets the buffalo wings, extra crispy, with ranch instead of bleu cheese.

Michael and I are not so predictable. I've gotten everything from soups, to sandwiches to roasted chicken. It's really a great choice for a weekly night out because it's hard to get bored with the menu. Another thing I love about it is that even with the addition of the fancy-ish local items, they've stayed true to their brew pub roots, and you can still indulge those beer-soaked food cravings. This past Friday we got there later than usual and had a significant wait for our table. We found a spot in the bar area and ordered beer and some nachos. The nachos were unbelievable. Jalapeno slices, locally-sourced steak, avocado, sour cream and a big 'ol bowl of cheese sauce for dipping. This was bar food at its best, and set the stage for a great dinner.

1800 North Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60614
(312) 915.0071


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