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13 May 2009

Chicago Brauhaus


Friday night is family restaurant night in our family, and our favorite place to go is Chicago Brauhaus. We usually aim for a 6:30 reservation. This gives us enough time to get settled with our half liters of Stiegl beer and our giant Bavarian pretzel before the band takes the stage at 7pm. Once the band starts up, the kids make a beeline for the dance floor.

The food here is hearty and comforting. My favorite dish is the Schweine Schnitzel, a thin, breaded pork cutlet, served with potatoes (get the German fried) and a vegetable (get the red cabbage). If you like liver, don’t miss the liver dumpling soup. Both of my kids love it, as do I. Non-adventurous eaters will do fine with the goulash or the somewhat anemic salad (but, you should really try the liver dumpling soup).

Meatloaf is also terrific here, as are all of the sausages. If we are feeling very hungry, we sometimes order the roasted pork shank. It is bigger than my head (for real), and features tender, rich pork covered in what might be the world’s largest pork rind. Such a treat.

If you do make it to the Brauhaus on a Friday night, don’t miss the fancy older couple on the dance floor. They are fabulous.

Chicago Brauhaus
4732 N. Lincoln Avenue
Closed Tuesdays


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